High Power LED Street Light 3.6W global light replaces 30W incadescent bulb or 7W CFL
 3w MR16 Replacement bulbs for general lighting, especially for museums, art galleries, display windows where UV or IR radiation is undesirable 5 watt LED lighting replaces 40 watt incadescent bulb or 9 watt Compact fluorescent bulbs LED Strip LED Spot Light 100W incandescent light replacement, can be used as recessed light, flood light.13 watt LED lighting replaces 1000 watt+ Incadescent bulb 5 watt MR16 LED replaces 35 watt Halogen Bulb

We may have LED lighting product to replace the model PL-T 18W/835 GX24q-2 /4P 1CT-268201

For example:

Philip's Product:

Product Name: PL-T 18W/835 GX24q-2 /4P 1CT

Product Number: 268201

Ordering Code: PL-T 18W/835/4P/ALTO

Pack UPC: 046677268206

Case Bar Code 50046677268201


Everlumen's LED Product:

Product Number:EV_RP_PHILIP_268201

Product Name: EV_RP_PHILIP_PL-T 18W/835 GX24q-2 /4P 1CT

  • LED replacement PL-T 18W/835 GX24q-2 /4P 1CT
  • LED replacement 268201
  • LED 268201-PL-T 18W/835 GX24q-2 /4P 1CT
  • PL-T 18W/835 GX24q-2 /4P 1CT LED replacement
  • 268201 LED replacement

Detailed Philip Product Info



Voltage:100 V

Initial Lumens:1130 Lm

Color Rendering Index:82 Ra8

Color Temperature:3500 K

Initial Lumens:1130 Lm

Diameter D:39.65 mm